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1. Publisher Information

  • Registered Office: 10 SQ JEAN BAPTISTE CLEMENT, 60200 COMPIEGNE, France
  • SIRET Number: 89907012200028
  • Establishment Number (NIC): 00028
  • Establishment Creation Date: 01-09-2022
  • Email Address:
  • Activity (NAF or APE Code): Computer Programming (6201Z)

2. Informations sur l’hébergeur

  • Hosting Provider Name: 1&1 Internet SARL
  • Adress : 7, place de la Gare BP 70109 57200 Sarreguemines Cedex
  • Phone Number: : 0970 808 911

3. Intellectual Property

All content on, including but not limited to graphics, images, texts, videos, animations, sounds, logos, gifs, and icons, as well as their formatting, are the exclusive property of the company, except for trademarks, logos, or content belonging to other partner companies or authors.

4. Limitation of Liability cannot be held responsible for typographical errors or inaccuracies appearing on the service, or for any damage suffered as a result of its use. The user remains responsible for their equipment and its use, and they alone bear the direct or indirect costs following their internet connection.

5. Legal Notice Update

Last update: 02-04-2023

6. Contact

To report an error or request the correction of information, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:

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